Ladies Golf Clothing—International Flair

January 29, 2010

I think we can all agree that golf is definitely an international sport.  After all, many of the top players in the world of ladies golf clothing are from foreign nations.  That international flair has led me to wondering in recent days what ladies golf clothing is like in other parts of the world.  Do other countries have different styles of ladies golf clothing?  Are ladies golf skirts more popular than ladies golf skorts in some regions of the world?  Or is the world of ladies golf clothing essentially the same no matter where you travel?  This is a very fascinating subject for me.  I can’t imagine what kind of different outfits of ladies golf clothing are popular throughout the world.  I would love to add some international flair to my collection of ladies golf clothing.  I really want to try to figure out what the world of ladies golf clothing is like in other parts of the world.

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Golf Bag Accessories—Something on my mind

January 28, 2010

I just cannot get golf bag accessories out of my mind.  They are just a constant presence in the back of my mind, something that I can never completely get rid of.  I might be talking to someone, and be almost completely paying attention to them, but I will still have a few thoughts about golf bag accessories.  I may wonder what new kind of golf ball marker I should get, or if I need to get some new tees in the near future.  I just can’t stop!  No matter what I do, golf bag accessories will always just be hanging out in the back of my mind.  But the truth is that I really don’t mind constantly thinking about golf bag accessories.  I love golf bag accessories so much—thinking about some of my favorite golf bag accessories can really help me to get rid of some of the stress of a tough day. 

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Ladies Golf Apparel—Tons of Fun

January 27, 2010

I have gotten really into playing the Wii Fit in that past couple of weeks.  You know, the Wii does not seem to be a very intimidating physical fitness machine.  But the Wii Fit really is a good workout.  I am excited about the way it will make me look in my favorite outfit of ladies golf apparel.  The Wii is honestly a great fit for the world of ladies golf apparel.  One of its main games, Wii Sports, features a great golf game.  I feel like I’m actually on the course in my ladies golf apparel instead of in my living room.  With the various fashion games available for the Wii, you can design outfits of ladies golf apparel any pro would wear.  Who would have figured that the Wii and ladies golf apparel would have been such a great match?

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Ladies Golf Shoes—Need to Know

January 17, 2010

Why don’t more people know about how great ladies golf shoes are?  I played a game of golf with a friend of mine today, and was stunned to discover that she had actually never heard of ladies golf shoes.  I saw her wearing a pair of tennis shoes, and so I naturally asked her where her ladies golf shoes were.  You can imagine my surprise when she said, “Ladies golf shoes?  What are those?”  I was blown away.  I honestly cannot imagine playing a game of golf without wearing ladies golf shoes, and yet my friend had no idea what ladies golf shoes were.  Ladies golf shoes have had a tremendous impact on my game—I really do think wearing a good pair of ladies golf shoes improves my score by quite a bit.  I can only hope that as time goes on, more and more people will figure out just how great ladies golf shoes are. 

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Ladies Golf Skorts—Super Great!

January 16, 2010

Sometimes I feel that we in the ladies golf skort industry are too prone to hyperbole, too quick to judge new ladies golf skorts. Every time we see a new, up and coming ladies golf skort, we tend to quickly proclaim that that ladies golf skort will soon be the best and only ladies golf skort on the market.  One new trend comes in ladies golf skorts, and we throw all others aside.  Shouldn’t we hold onto the old fashions and trends for a little bit?  I don’t think that just because there is a new, ‘hot’ ladies golf skort, every other ladies golf skort is worthless.  We should realize that all ladies golf skorts have their worth, that there is a time and place for all of the different ladies golf skorts out there.  New ladies golf skorts are great, but there is still value in the old ones as well.

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Ladies Golf Clothing—Tick Tock!

January 15, 2010

I faced a really tough disappointment today.  I had seen an ad for a really great sale at one of my favorite ladies golf clothing stores.  There were tons of great deals, and I couldn’t wait to get down there and grab some new ladies golf clothing.  I headed down there earlier today, and found several great items of ladies golf clothing.  I was really excited to get a good deal on these items of ladies golf clothing.  So you can imagine my surprise when the cashier rang up my items and they cost quite a bit more than I expected.  Apparently, the sale was only for a limited time—one day!  And I saw the ad after that day!  It makes me so mad when I get really excited about a ladies golf clothing deal only to find that the deal has expired.  It is a really big annoyance to me.

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Golf Bag Accessories—GPS

January 14, 2010

I was recently thinking about the amazing value of GPS—global positioning systems.  We all know about how great GPS can be when you’re driving—especially for someone like me.  I am not very good with directions, and an innovation like GPS is huge for me.  Less stress, fewer maps, a lot less work—count me in!  But there aren’t too many people who know the applications of GPS in the world of golf bag accessories.  I have seen many new golf bag accessories that utilize GPS.  One golf bag accessory GPS can help you find golf courses wherever you go.  Another golf bag accessory GPS is used on specific golf courses—it can show you the hole you are playing, and help you plot out a good strategy.  I can’t believe all of the technology in golf bag accessories.  There is no way we could have seen this coming just decades ago.

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Ladies Golf Apparel—Jumbotron

January 13, 2010

Wow.  I watched a football game this weekend featuring the Dallas Cowboys, and saw something that was simply incredible.  The Cowboys were playing at home, and I was able to see their incredible new video screen.  That screen is worth millions upon millions of dollars, and is simply gigantic.  I couldn’t help but imagine what events featuring ladies golf apparel would be like with one of those screens.  You could see an item of ladies golf apparel in almost perfect detail!  You would also be able to show different players wearing different ladies golf apparel outfits at the same time—or, you could show one player and their ladies golf apparel, then show another.  Heck, you could even show ladies golf apparel commercials on that thing if you want to!  I think that this video screen would be a great idea.  I don’t know if it would be too expensive (ok, it probably would) but it would be a ton of fun!

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Ladies Golf Shoes—Big Sales

January 8, 2010

Everyone always talks about the Black Friday sales, but I really have not heard as much about the big after Christmas sales.  I think that sometimes, you can get better deals on ladies golf shoes by shopping for ladies golf shoes after Christmas than on Black Friday.  Plus, since a lot less people seem to know or care about after Christmas sales, shopping for those ladies golf shoes is a lot easier.  When you try to shop in a ladies golf shoe store on Black Friday, it is just about impossible to move around.  You have to wait outside of the ladies golf shoe store for hours just to get in.  You definitely do not have the same problems when shopping at an after Christmas sale, especially when shopping for ladies golf shoes on line.  I really do not get why there seems to be so much less publicity about after Christmas deals than about Black Friday. 

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Ladies Golf Skorts—What are you doing?

January 7, 2010

A friend of mine came up to me today to thank me for her Christmas gift, a brand new ladies golf skort.  She had an amused expression on her face as she asked me, “Is that what you were doing a few weeks ago?”  Remembering that incident make me burst into laughter.  I had been using my computer to look at ladies golf skorts on Bella Golf Wear’s website,  I had finally found a ladies golf skort that I thought would be a good fit for my friend, when she decided to walk up and look at my computer!  I quickly minimized the ladies golf skort window, and tried to come up with a reason for doing that.  I first tried saying that I had been checking my email—but that didn’t work, as my friend had seen the ladies golf skort.  I then tried to say that ladies golf skort was actually a doll ladies golf skort, and I was looking for a present for my niece.  I didn’t think she bought it, but it bought me some time until Christmas!

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